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Pushing Bathroom Design Boundaries

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May, 2018

Design and engineering is step 1 ! Testing its required specification is the proof of the pudding and the portal to future production and market entry.

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May  2018

This project was a Design-trend update project regarding the current Tiger Boston tab program. The new architectural design has become more slim and less bulky and a more economical new dye casting production process was implemented in a prototyped working first model. The colour black was added  next to brushed stainless steel and chrome.

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For GITZ architecten in Den Bosch , Netherlands, a central office stairway is designed . The central steel beam is added with steel "wings " supporting ereko wooden steps with linear anti slip  striping. A free "floating " spacious stairway design.

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Shower stool


A stable tripod design with stainless steel feet and anti -slip rubber ends. The ABS  plastic seat has comfortable ergonomic curve with central water outlet. The concept is prototyped. Use in in-or outside the shower space or e.g next to your bath.

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Shower caddy


Quarter round or rectangular stainless steel shower caddy designs should fit functional and visual well in the bathroom.
Walls and corners in shower environment are never straight or exact 90 degrees. This design can cope with it all and also be beautiful and add value for consumer  and DIY retail .
This project reflects perfectly the balance of my innovative ideas, simplicity, cost effectiveness, and materialization. Creating real value for money for Brand owner, DIY retail and endconsumer as well.

BOSTON Toilet roll holder


The Boston bathroom accessories project was an instant European succes from its early launch in 2003. From Scandinavia to Spain. Its neutral modern bathroom design in chrome and stainless steel is still very popular and succesfull in the DIY business and the client TIGER  still benefits even  today its unique design and wide market acceptance. Recently a matt black finish was launched, prolonging its product lifecycle and strengthening its retail position !

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BOSTON bathroom concept

2003 - 2010

The BOSTON bathroom concept brings together form and functionality to create a beautiful and useful product range. This project shows perfectly the balance of innovative ideas with the vision and unique modern design style ,materialization and detailing of each product. Stainless steel accessories, wooden cabinets, shower cubicles, mirror cabinets and taps . Do you like what you see? Our team can design a total new bathroom concept tailored to your need and market requirement and  specifications.

Walk-in Shower cubicle


Wijdeveld Industrial Design is especially proud on the  "walk-in"  project. 
The unique stable and adjustable pole from ceiling to floor is the only support you need for freedom in your bathroom.  No extra support bars are needed and contributes to the minimal design. Would you like me and my team to create something similar for your needs? Get in touch to see what I can start designing for you today.



New Product Development <NPD>

The Wijdeveld Industrial Design approach for NPD :

  1. Strategy; Together we define the real question and true need(s) and long term company scope for NPD. The result is a roadmap how to deal with the NPD gap. Potential product development projects can be disruptive, incremental and in/or in line with daily business. <Problem solution directions , portfolio & competitor analysis, sketches, moodboards , trend & market research>

  2.  Product Design & Engineering; Our Ideation is based on stage 1 and the problem definition. Together we set up a NPD project team of internal & external Designers & Engineers, goals and a time line. We apply an intuitive and analytical multidisciplinary approach. <Product concepts,  Visualisation, 2-3D CAD, Product quality specs, Prototyping, Testing. Evaluation.>

  3. Realization; We can intermediate and search for qualified supplier(s) and selection. At request monitor the production proces ,guidance and product approval.

The Wijdeveld NPD team with over 30 years of NPD expertice can assist your company at any level and stage of NPD need . We have a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry and are skilled in Innovation Management, Design Management , Design & Engineering. We are strong creative designers believing in beauty and simplicity als result of our analytical & creative product development proces.

 Wijdeveld Industrial Design  &  GITZ Architecten ( cooperate in mutual projects were their competences of Industrial - and  Architectural Design create added value, explore and apply sustainable solutions. 

An experienced  NPD team is available to host your project with the professional attention it deserves. Whatever your aspirations , we are  committed to design together your next new succesful product launch.

Studio Services

Driven by Challenge



My modern, sophisticated, and technologically up to date  designs are always created with my clients vision and values in mind. I specialize in providing Product Design solutions that deliver significant and measurable results for each and every one of my clients. Get in touch with me and let’s discuss how my Product Design services can benefit you.


Product Design

With this service, as with all of my design services, I focus my efforts on the innovative and unique aspects of my clients. My Ideation Sketching services are very much collaborative efforts, because I want to make sure and accommodate for whatever my client’s design preferences and visionary direction may be. Contact me today and let’s get started.

207.01.01 Basket large.png

Product Engineering

I always work closely with my clients to include them in the design process from beginning to end. My designs are aimed at bringing to life their creative thoughts and ideas, and my Digital Prototyping skills and experience will help deliver the results you want. Whatever type of industrial design services you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered. Get in touch with me today and let’s start collaborating.



My designs are always created with my clients vision and values in mind. I specialize in providing Product Design solutions that deliver significant and measurable results for each and every one of my clients. Get in touch with me and let’s discuss how my Product Design services can benefit you.

Want to learn more about my innovative industrial design services? Contact me today.


Pushing Plastic Design Boundaries


Soap powder box


This DIXAN/ PERSIL soap powder container is a sustainable re-use and functional organizer for the end-consumer.


BIBLOS bath bridge


This universal fitting BIBLOS bath bridge is designed and engineered in Poly Propylene Plastic (PP) with integrated book support


Citronella for SENO


This Citronella candle is designed to functional use to chase away mosquito's in summertime by spending around a nice citrus smell. This time "form follows function" in a very direct recognizable way.


Tennisball Clip for Rucanor


The PP plastic tennis ball clip for Rucanor was designed, tested with a plastic prototype and sold in great numbers to Rucanor .

Various Projects

Investing in design is a great way for companies to ensure the success of their product and adquate response to markets and changing environments.


Outdoor Fence and play objects system


Wijdeveld Industrial Design won a 1e Design Prize Award for an outdoor school play ground object" living tree for OMA". The prize winning design was placed on a new school ground area of a new school building designed  by Gitz Architecten (


Bathroom furniture


Bathroom DIY furniture designs , washbasins, cupboards, mirror cabinets in several dimensions ( depth / width )and styling groups were executed.  Design guide lines helped production process to become efficient by standardization and flexibel to even smaller orders  and achieve a good quality- price combination.


Acoustic Wall cloth of recycled bath mats


The Design Studio of Tiger Nederland BV located in a beautifull refurbished Industrial Site at Geldrop (Nl) ,accommodating more then 15 employees ,required sound baffles for noise reduction. In cooperation with Gitz Architecten an acoustic wall cloth design of recycled company bath mats was produced under our supervision. An good example of an aesthetic, functional and sustainable solution on site with added value for all.


foldable shower seat concept


 A basic, clear and simple design of a wall foldable stainless steel shower seat with a comfortable and save wide square ABS seat including waterdrainage .Its nice looks are great, even folded to the shower wall . 

Project Showcase

Creative Designs

Industrial design is about discovering new possibilities and creating new usabilities. To set my clients’ products apart from their competition, Wijdeveld Industrial Design focuses on creating new kinds of user experiences that customers will love. Below I have listed one of my past and recent projects. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and see if something inspires you.

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